Get More from Your Best Content: Content Repurposing

Creating great content takes time, effort, and resources. But with content repurposing, you don’t have to let that content sit idle after its first release. Instead, you can give it a fresh twist for even greater impact.

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of repurposing and reusing your best evergreen content. Learn how to maximise its reach, connect with new audiences, and enhance your results. Dive in and discover the power of content repurposing!

Pinpointing Your Top Content Gems

The first step is to take a deep dive into your content analytics and identify the real superstars. Look at key metrics like:

  • Page views – Higher page views indicate content is resonating.
  • Social media engagement – Shares, comments, and likes show social appeal.
  • Lead generation – Content that converts visitors into leads is powerful.
  • Sales – Pieces that directly impact revenue are invaluable.

See which blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, ebooks, and other content pieces are getting the most love from your audience across those metrics. Those are your gold.

If you don’t have Google Analytics or other analytics set up, now is the time! You need the data to accurately spot the winners worth repurposing.

Once you pinpoint that ace content, do a deep dive on the analytics to identify:

  • Who is engaging with the content – Look at location, demographics, company size and other traits of your top content consumers.
  • How they are finding the content – Was it organic search? Social media? Email? Knowing the channel can help inform repurposing formats.
  • When engagement peaked – Did it take off right away or build over time? This can indicate evergreen potential.

Arm yourself with detailed analytics before moving onto step two.

Selecting the Ideal Format for Content Repurposing

Got a stellar blog post that took off via organic search? Consider turning it into a captivating video or podcast episode.

Have a highly trafficked guide that resonates with social followers? Repurpose it as a visually engaging infographic or slideshare optimized for those channels.

Look at both the content pieces that resonate most with your audience and how they’re finding it. Then consider repurposing them into new formats aligned to those audience behaviors and channels.

This lets you present the same amazing information in fresh, compelling ways optimized for different mediums and segments.

Here are some examples of repurposing formats to consider:

  • Blog post into short video or video series
  • Webinar into podcast episode or audio series
  • Detailed report into infographic or visual presentation
  • Curated resources into guide or ebook
  • Podcast episode into animated explainer video
  • Social posts into blog article

Get creative and choose formats that align with your goals, audience preferences, and channel strategy. Think beyond just taking a blog and making a video. Consider multi-format repurposing for maximum mileage.

Revitalise and Modernise Your Material

Before jumping into the repurposing, take time to refresh and update the content. Add any new statistics, examples, insights or data points that make it timely. Punch up key points. Tweak the design and visuals.

If you’re repurposing a popular piece from last year, ensure it has a modern feel:

  • Check all data points and update any that are outdated
  • Include new, relevant developments in the topic area
  • Work in fresh examples and stories to make it current
  • Update branding elements like colors, logos and fonts

The refreshed version should feel new and improved while retaining the core value that made the original pop. This is your chance to make an already stellar piece of content shine even brighter!

Amplifying Your Repurposed Content’s Reach

You’ve created an amazing new version of proven evergreen content. Now it’s time to get it in front of the right audiences through targeted promotion.

  • Send it out in your email newsletter focusing on segments that engaged with the original.
  • Post it across social media and target paid ads to relevant demographics.
  • Feature it prominently on your website, blogs and sales materials.
  • Pitch it to industry publications and influencers for additional reach.
  • Share in relevant LinkedIn groups, forums and communities.

Spread the word far and wide through both existing and new networks. The goal is to saturate all the channels your audiences frequent most.

Engaging Fresh Audiences with Repurposed Material

Here’s where the repurposing payoff comes in. By presenting the content in new ways, you can reach entirely new segments of your audience.

Someone who scrolled past your blog post might eagerly click on the infographic version that catches their eye. Listeners who loved your podcast might appreciate seeing the highlights in a vibrant video series.

Think about how you can tailor repurposed content to reach:

  • New demographics like age groups or regional audiences
  • Different roles like decision-makers vs. early research stage buyers
  • Readers vs. visual learners
  • Mobile users vs. desktop users

Get strategic with repurposing to ensure you’re covering all your audience subsets for the widest reach.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Content

Repurposing isn’t just about saving time or reaching new people. It’s about maximizing the value of the content assets you’ve already created.

That gem of a blog post you labored over? It can have a second life as a video that goes viral. Your research on a complex topic can be transformed into an engaging infographic perfect for sharing on social.

Repurposing allows you to:

  • Increase content’s shelf life so it keeps generating value
  • Build up a library of content types that appeal to all preferences
  • Ensure your hard work gets the audience reach and recognition it deserves
  • Generate more ROI from high-performing content through expanded reach
  • Establish yourself as an expert by presenting insights in diverse formats

It’s one of the smartest ways to get more bang for your content creation buck.

Catering to a Spectrum of Audience Preferences

Your audience is diverse. What appeals to one person might completely miss the mark for another.

Some folks love diving into data-rich reports while others want Executive Summary style decks. Some are YouTube fanatics while others prefer podcasts.

By repurposing your content in different formats and styles, you can cater to all those diverse tastes and preferences. Serve that amazing information in the formats each person prefers to consume. It’s a win for them and a win for your content’s performance.

Making Content Repurposing a Priority

Don’t relegate repurposing to a one-time project. Keep it top of mind as you create and distribute content. Get in the habit of always being on the lookout for repurposing opportunities.

Train your team to think about repurposing opportunities as they produce and promote content. Foster an environment where repurposing is baked into your strategy.

Striking a Harmony: New Content and Repurposed Content

While repurposing should become a content habit, don’t abandon creating new content. Use a balanced approach that includes:

  • Fresh content on new topics to expand your thought leadership
  • Repurposed content to maximize existing assets
  • Updated versions of evergreen content that ages well

This combination ensures you balance resource use, maximize the value of existing assets, and continually expand your content library.

The Takeaway

Next time you’re pondering what new content to create, take a look back at what’s already working. Your last year’s overlooked blog post could be your next viral video. And for more insights on content strategy, check out this great article by Copyblogger: “What Is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Don’t just create content and let it disappear into the archives. Repurpose, reuse, refresh, and recycle your best performing content for maximum mileage. It’s an easy way to continually engage audiences, inspire loyalty, and drive conversions.

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