Paid Advertising


Reaching further faster via paid media

When you need to reach a specific prospect, within a 50 mile radius and within a specific age demographic. When you want to promote a killer piece of content (a valuable lead magnet) to attract the right new prospects. When you want your brand voice to be heard. It starts with an advertising plan based on your business goals. 


Turn Paid Clicks into Customers

Where Digital Goes create, run and  optimise your ad campaigns delivering to set business key-performance indicators (KPIs). 

Paid Advertising Plan

We will develop an online advertising plan based on your chosen platforms, targeted audience(s), and conversion goals.

Paid Advertising Optimization & Tracking

We optimize your ad campaigns weekly, as well as send a weekly summary of how they’re performing.

Goal Conversion Tracking

We love data and we love to ensure you have a positive return on investment with your advertising campaigns, so we’ll be sure to set up the proper tracking.

Ad Copy & Design

Our done-for-you online advertising management means we’ll create your advertising copy and your advertising creative. We have analysed thousands of campaigns and keep up-to-date with latest algorithm changes and requirements from Facebook.

Monthly Reporting

Our monthly reporting will not only give insights on all of the standard advertising metrics, we’ll also be sure to report on your specific business key-performance indicators (KPIs).

Remarketing Campaigns

We understand the customer value journey (aka sales funnel) and we reach out to customers who have previously visited your website but didn’t convert. Retargeting these prospects at the right time leads to sales.