60-Second Social Media Habits to Grow Your Business

Want to boost your social media results and sales? Wondering which quick daily actions you can take to move the needle?

In this article, you’ll discover six 60-second social media habits that can lead to bigger sales for your business.

Social media presents a huge opportunity for businesses to connect with customers, build relationships, and drive sales. But many entrepreneurs and marketers struggle to make social media work for them.

The problem often comes down to consistency. Maintaining an active social media presence takes dedication. When you’re busy running a business, it can be tough to carve out time for social media each day.

The solution? Adopt simple but effective social media habits that only take 60 seconds or less per day. Tiny investments of time that become powerful when done consistently.

Keep reading as we break down six of these high-impact, time-saving habits.

#1: Share Engaging Content

Content remains king in social media marketing. To attract and retain followers, you need to consistently share engaging content.

Think blog posts, articles, infographics, photos, videos, podcasts, live videos—anything informative, interesting, or entertaining to your audience. Make sure it aligns with your brand voice and resonates with your target market.

Sharing great content is like giving a gift to your followers every time you post. And presenting that gift in an eye-catching way increases the chance they’ll take notice.

Spend 60 seconds or less writing a compelling caption that highlights the value. For example:

“Looking to increase website traffic? Here are 10 proven tips [link to blog post].”

That’s much more effective than:

“New blog post on our website! Link in bio.”

Well-written captions entice people to click and consume your content. Do this consistently, and you’ll see bigger results over time.

#2: Run Contests and Giveaways

Contests, giveaways, and other incentives are fantastic for boosting social media engagement. People love winning prizes. A well-designed contest can attract new followers and get existing followers more actively involved.

The key is to make it as easy as possible for people to participate—ideally just by liking, commenting, sharing, or following. And ensure the prize is relevant and compelling to your audience.

For example, if you sell baking supplies, give away a deluxe baking kit. If you’re a business coach, provide free coaching sessions.

Promote the contest in your captions and images. Remind followers frequently about deadlines and how to enter. These regular reminders might only take you 60 seconds but they keep your contest top of mind.

After the contest ends, announce winners and engage them in future content. Contests convert casual followers into brand advocates who’ll help expand your reach and sales.

For additional tips check out “12 Social media giveaway ideas and contest examples for 2022” 

#3: Engage Swiftly in Social Media Conversations: Respond Promptly

When someone comments on or asks a question about your social media content, you need to respond quickly. This shows followers you notice and appreciate their engagement.

Set aside time each day—even just 60 seconds—to check notifications and reply to any new comments. Thank people for positive feedback. Answer questions thoughtfully.

Don’t let comments languish for days before responding. That sends the message you don’t really care. Prompt replies strengthen relationships and credibility.

Replying quickly also keeps the conversation going. Other followers will jump in when they see you actively engaging. More engagement signals to the algorithm that your content is popular.

#4: Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags expand the reach of your social media content by categorising it for different audiences. Using relevant hashtags makes it easy for people to find your posts.

Research hashtags used by your audience and industry then work those into captions too.

The sweet spot is usually 2 to 4 well-chosen hashtags per post. Any more starts to look spammy.

Spend 60 seconds brainstorming hashtag options whenever you publish new content. Find the right mix of popular hashtags and niche hashtags to maximize discovery and engagement.

#5: Promote Products and Services

While you don’t want to overdo sales pitches on social media, you do need to promote your offerings. Don’t be afraid to showcase products, services, promotions, etc.

Focus on educating and providing value rather than hard-selling. For example, share posts that explain:

  • Benefits of using your product
  • New features or upgrades
  • Current deals and sales

Social media is meant to build relationships with potential customers. Product promotion blended with helpful content keeps you top of mind until they’re ready to buy.

Spend 60 seconds creating social media posts focused on your offerings whenever you release new products, run sales, or overhaul services. Balance promotional content with other valuable material.

#6: Leverage Social Media Analytics

The only way to really know what works on social media is to monitor analytics. Most platforms provide free analytics to track your performance.

Spend 60 seconds each week checking your key metrics: followers gained/lost, post reach, engagement rate, link clicks, etc.

Compare how different types of content perform. See when your audience is most active. Identify opportunities for improvement. Then use those insights to refine your strategy.

Analytics help you double down on what succeeds and adjust what falls flat. Over time, you’ll create better content that converts followers into paying customers.

The Magic Is Consistency

None of these social media habits take much time as a one-off. But when performed consistently, they compound to deliver big results.

Take a few moments each day to implement one of these habits. After a month, you’ll have built a solid social media routine optimised for sales.

For maximum impact, use social media marketing tools to save time on scheduling posts and analyzing performance. That frees you up to focus on these high-value habits daily.

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November 1, 2023