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Transform Your Digital Experience into Sales!

At Where Digital Goes (WDG), we see content marketing as your bridge to not just reaching, but truly connecting with your audience. It’s your gateway to forming real bonds and meaningful relationships that don’t just spark interest but ignite sales.

You’re at the heart of what we do as we manage your marketing activity and craft superior online ads. Our expertise is in launching campaigns that don’t just catch eyes—they engage hearts and minds.


Our Mission at WDG:

Think of us as your digital co-pilots, navigating you towards online sales success. We harness the power of content marketing not just to amplify your sales, but to simplify the process for you. 

You can count on us for strategic, impactful campaigns and tangible results that show what digital marketing can really do for your brand—turn leads into dedicated fans.


Our Core Values

We adhere to a core set of values that guide our every move towards your digital success. From strategising to messaging to connecting, we ensure every step we take matters and makes a difference for you.

  1. Strategic Clarity: You might find the digital landscape complex, but we’re here to guide you through it with strategies that bring clarity and direct sales gains.
  2. Do More with Less: “Less Social, More Sales”—this isn’t just our motto; it’s our method. We streamline your efforts to maximise every action towards your sales goals.

  3. Building Strong Brands: We understand the importance of a strong, standout online presence, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, helping you shine even if you’ve felt lost online.

  4. Crafting Messages That Matter: Words sell, and we’re here to show you how. We specialise in creating messages that not only speak to your audience but also inspire action and drive sales.

  5. Continuous Growth: We’re constantly seeking innovative strategies to expand your reach and keep you ahead.

  6. Genuine Engagement: For us, social media is more than just posts. It’s about sparking real conversations and building connections that lead to action.

  7. Ongoing Education: We keep you informed with the latest in sales, marketing, and technology, ensuring you always have the competitive edge.

  8. Joy in the Journey: We believe efficiency and enjoyment can coexist. We love what we do, and we celebrate every success with you, big or small.

In today’s digital era, your robust online presence is essential. We’re committed to ensuring your brand does more than just survive—it thrives, turning every interaction into a step closer to a sale.


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Margo Mulvihill

Margo, a master of social selling and your strategic ally, brings over 25 years of sales experience to your team. From running her successful e-commerce jewelry business to enhancing lead generation on social platforms, she’s here to accelerate your business growth.

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