How we work with you


Our solutions are tailored to your business goals.

Where Digital Goes solutions are built to help your business meet its specific goals. Through full service account management, consulting, or empowerment programs, we help your company or department grow.

Option A

Full-Service Campaign Management.
10% team time commitment

With minimal guidance, we create, manage and promote your story using authentic content and social media campaigns. We execute social advertising campaigns geared toward your business objectives to encourage website visits, product purchases, lead captures and brand awareness. Our team of experts will help you achieve positive results through a short-term campaign or a longer, more flexible retainer agreement.

Option B

Empowerment Programs
60% team time commitment

Our social media packages are perfect for those who want to keep someone on-site but need to train and develop that person externally. Where Digital Goes will provide a designated team member with the core expertise, content, tools, and software needed to deliver social advertising campaigns, content development, and data analysis. 

These programs are perfect for organizations who are scaling up their social media efforts or needing to reinforce seasonal or training demands, specifically if payroll must remain lean in the process.

Option C

Social Media Consulting & Training
100% team time commitment

When the great minds on your internal team just need a little guidance and support, turn to Where Digital Goes for your consulting needs. We’ll provide customized training and development courses tailored to your specific business goals. We will set you up with best practices, examples of content, creatives, and plenty of time to ask questions and get feedback with regular power-hours.