Digital Strategy in a DayTM

Simplify Your Marketing 

Cut Through the Noise 

Become a Digital Sales Pro

Get The Skills And Tools You Need To Sell With Complete Confidence Using Social Media, In Any Industry, And Immediately Start Driving Results…In Just 4 Weeks!

Your online sales efforts should be delivering more. But they aren't and you can't figure out why.... It's NOT because you don't put in the hard work...

You've done the courses, invested in group coaching, and watched a slew of masterclass sessions…

You love sales, talking to people, connecting with them and winning them over is your thing.

But everything about how you sell today has changed! 

You’re overwhelmed with all the things that demand your attention daily; reports to review, blogs to update, email sequences to devise.

And let's not even get started with social media!

You're having a hard time getting your message heard, yet everyone else seems to be shouting "Look at me! Look at me!"

You feel like you can't be yourself to succeed in the world of internet marketing.

You wish you could just do things simply, in an online landscape where strategies and logic should apply!

I hear you!

You’re not wrong to feel tired and frustrated when faced with such a never-ending challenge.

The online space is fast and it's furious. It has you thinking that if you're not everywhere, coming up with ads, dancing on reels, examining reams of performance statistics, then your business hasn't a fighting chance of success.

A LOT of things are making you think twice about online selling and you wish there was ONE tick box you could tick and...

You never again have to wrangle with social media algorithms.                         
Your message lands in front of your ideal customers.
Sales flow easily with considerably less investment of your valuable time and budget.


Digital Strategy in a Day

A 4-week private consulting experience

A high-touch, tailored consulting experience which delivers your digital plan in full. Complete with specific content topics, a bespoke customer journey map suited to your ideal customer types, a personalised digital marketing strategy, and much more.

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Simplify your marketing. Cut through the noise. Become a digital sales pro.

After Completing Digital Strategy In A Day You Will:

Identify blind spots and growth opportunities

Have a clear overview of your online marketing strategy. Know what is and what is not working, so you can make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts.

Share your unique perspective

Which in turn helps your ideal customers connect with your brand.

Reimagine your marketing strategy

 Stand out from the noise with engaging, insightful social media content.

Craft a digital strategy

one that demonstrates your unique value proposition, your point of view and the offerings & call-to-actions that are aligned with your desired business and lifestyle goals.

Rethink how you show up online

You don’t have to shout, you don't have to be on social media every day trying to outsmart ever-changing social media algorithms. You can be you!

Feel like you have a partner

We're a team, let's work together to make something amazing. My skills will compliment yours - co-creation is the key to success!

What You'll Get

While each element is tailored, here's an overview of the 

Digital Strategy in a Day experience:

Design a winning digital foundation

Nail your customer avatars with a tried and tested framework. Craft a powerful message canvas which speaks to the ideal customer "after" state. Get a firm grasp on the essentials of digital marketing.

Craft your standout offer

Design an offer irresistible to your ideal prospect. You will create a unique value proposition for your business. Define your point of view to differentiate yourself from the competition. Map your marketing efforts to your customer's value journey.

Create messages that convert

Understand the difference between content marketing and conversion copy. Create content that converts and leverage technology to get more done in less time (say a big hello to AI!).

Lead with SMART social

Refine the technology and platforms you need (spoiler alert! you don't need to be on every platform). You will gain understand of the dynamics of social media communities, and how you can create a thriving online community for your business

Acquire the right customers

Get laser focused on the customers that matter most. Understand the intricacies of digital advertising (Facebook ads, Google ads). Manage the 3 pillars of paid media. Delve into ad design elements and design ads that convert.

Go beyond social media

Reduce reliance on social media by expanding reach through search and email marketing. You will delve into search marketing and create predictable and profitable audience growth via technology.

Grow with data-driven decision making

Collect and analyze data. Understand how to use it to make decisions that are in line with your business goals and set clear expectations as to how stakeholders effectively communicate data findings.

Dominate your digital marketing

Take your business to the next level as you build out a team to support your growth. Step up your game on platforms such as LinkedIn and stay ahead of the curve leading with digital confidence.

What's Included?

What does it feel like to sell online with ease today?

Let me tell you my story


I left my tech sales role to set up my social media agency. I thought it would give me the dream work life balance I craved. Working from home, time with my family and friends..the dream...

I was wrong!

I was more tied that ever before to my mobile phone. Social media platforms were constantly demanding a response from me. The leads didn't flow and chasing every lead became the only way for me to stay afloat in this viciously fast-moving online world where everything is happening at once.

I decided enough was enough! I did things my way!


I work with amazing clients across the globe across various industries. I have been featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, Crunchbase and Thrive Global. I have invitations to podcasts and interviews in my inbox.

I realised that in order for social media to work for my business, I needed a strategy. A plan that would help me focus my time and energy on the right things. Like you, I have limited hours to work on my business each day. I also don't have a fortune to spend on ads and I don't have the inclination or hours to spend twerking on social media.

I needed to be strategic with where I invested my time and my money. 

I now get better results with social media!

It took years of trial and error to figure out everything I know today. I know first-hand the frustration and overwhelm that comes with trying to do business online.

I want to reassure you. You don't need to be doing MORE to have huge success selling online!

As Seen In

They Say

What My Clients Say

I followed her recommendations and within hours I was getting new leads... social media profile exploded and my business is now on a different level! Margo really 'Got me and my Business'. Thanks Margo!


Margo is a highly experienced social media marketeer - she brought her cutting edge knowledge to a number of projects and helped us elevate the standard of work..very communicative and easy to work with, a rare find!


Margo is truly amazing, when we were looking for a consultant to help us she gave everything we needed and more. The research and knowledge that this lady has is absolutely thorough.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This program was designed for business owners/leaders who sell using traditional sales methods and now need to skill up fast in modern digital selling techniques. Beginner or more advanced will benefit hugely, as the sessions taught are the methods used by savvy business to drive digital sales success. 

How practical is your program, is there a lot of theory I need to learn?

The program is built to show you best practice. There are lots of examples and the modules empower you to make the best choices when it comes to structuring a digital strategy for your business. The frameworks I have developed are the same frameworks I use to run my own and my client's business. These have been prepared taking into account systems in the field of digital marketing and sales technology software.

I’m already busy with my current workload. How much will this add to my workload?

Our 1-2-1 weekly sessions will be highly focused and packed with real-life case studies and best practice. Outside of these 2 hour sessions I ask for 1/2 hours weekly pre-work before each weekly session. This preparation will enable us be laser-focused during our 1-2-1 sessions where we will get into applying the theory to your business goals.

What type of support will I have?

On sign up you will gain access to an online portal with prework. You will have direct 1-2-1 access to myself via email with any questions you have during our 4 week sessions.

Are you ready to...

  • Have absolute clarity on who you are selling to and what you will say to them.
  • Stand out as THE obvious choice to your ideal customers. 
  • Cut the time you spend on social media to the minimum while increasing returns.
  • Listen to what the data is telling you and focus in on the vital pieces which will drive stellar results.
  • Create a winning digital strategy based on your products and services - one that will not languish in a document but that adapts to your needs & reliably and predictably brings in sales.

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Simplify your marketing. Cut through the noise. Become a digital sales pro!